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My Personal Opinion of Eclipse [Twilight Saga]

20 Jul

Okaay.. Hello everybody.. I’ve just watched this movie today with my dear sister and her friends at Gading XXI.

This is my review about this movie.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Comparing this movie with 2 previous sagas i could say that this movie is better rather than twilight and new moon. Especially better than new moon. No offence. I really dissapointed before when i watched new moon. It was too “Kuch kuch ho ta hai… ” hhe. With all its zooming in and zooming out effect. Trees everywhere and its slow motion. Bad acting of Kristen Stewart. Ugh. So little action. The conclusion for new moon : Sooo Boring.. hoho. I don’t like it.

Enough about new moon. And now let’s see something about Eclipse. Maybe the main problems in this saga’s part is Bella’s dilemma. Love triangle : Jacob – Bella – Edward. Haha.. If you were as hot as bella, and you have to choose between 2 hot men : Jacob and Edward, what will you do?? haha..Β  I’am a little bit angry when Bella said : ” I love jacob, but i love you more Edward.. ” Ummph. You have a greedy feelings too don’t you Bella? Isn’t one hot man like Edward is enough?? Could you spare Jacob to another woman? Hehe.. But, i think its not 100% Bella’s fault. I don’t know what Jacob and Edward see in Bella, but it really obvious that Jacob and Edward really really crazy in love with Bella so she got 1000% attention from them. When a woman have a lot of attention like that, no wonder that her heart melt enough to those men,and have a difficulty to choose.. πŸ™‚ Caio Bella.. πŸ™‚

Jacob vs Edward

About the new born vampires, the “team work” between “Cullen’s and Werewolf”, and “Rosalie & Jasper dark past”. I am a little bit dissapointed with this section. I think, the movie didn’t reflect the book good enough. First of all about Rosalie’s past. Comparing withΒ  the book version, it has to be more sadness and darkness with her past. The movie should add more hateness of her when she told Bella about her past. I didn’t see it in the movie. It just plain and poor rosalie’s past. Ckckck.. 😦 And then, about Jasper’s past, same with rosalie’s past, it should be has more.. more.. more.. sadness!! Oh please. Jasper’s past life was soo horrible and you [the eclipse maker] just made it as simple as that. Oh pleasee… 😦 poor Jasper. Next with the Cullen’s & Werewolf teamwork. Haha. I think, when it comes to motion picture, the vampire and the werewolf easily to become bestfriend. Why i said it like that? It’s a lot harder and a lot intense between team Jacob and team Edward to get along in the book version. But in here? Wew, less than 1 minute, team Jacob agree to cooperate with team Edward to protect Bella…Hohoho.. Just for Bella!! Go Bella go!! Yeaaahh.. Lucky to be you right??About team Edward, especially Edward: I think he seems to be uglier than before. Really. And other member of Cullens, their eyes were not soo good, or if i can say, they have ugly eyes! I think the movie maker choose a bad make up team. Team edward make up was soo bad. I don’t like it. And they choose a very very ugly contact lense for them. The contact lense made their eyes looks like it wants to jump out of their face.. Iuuh.. 😦 :(. Team Jacob, hehe. You all have great body don’t you.. So you can’t afford to buy one plain shirt. ckckck.. But, you were good enough in this movie.. πŸ™‚ Even though i didn’t see any intrict happen between team jacob and sam in this movie. It should be a little intrict about them!!

team jacob vs team edward

The new born vampires army???? I don’t understand!!! What should the cullens worried about them?? What is their power that Jasper said “they will be very strong in their first months to become vampire?? Heh! I didn’t see it at all!! I just saw some young weak vampires who came to Forks to give away their life to Cullens and Werewolf. Ckckck.. Poor them. Aish.. I don’t like this part. Too harsh i think. Especially when i think that, it’s not their fault to be like that. They’re just a bunch of weak vampires!!! That’s all.. And, i can’t see leadership in Riley.. Really.. 😦 :(. Victoria.. Why are you just running and jumping and then running again and jumping again in this movie. I’m sick of it! And i don’t think you are a worth 3 books of Twilight villain!! Haish.. you’re just not a great villain character! You’re just weak red hot blonde stupid villain!! hahahaha..Β  i like my own sentence to describe you! πŸ™‚

Victoria and Riley

About the volturi! I don’t think their existance matter in this movie. I didn’t see they do something important in here. All they can do is loosing up or open their hoody coat [haha..], just seeing the new born from distance, try to give cold expression. Ahh, not important at all. I don’t like them. And i don’t think they were cool. 😦

Few good things about this movie: I like Alice and Jasper! They’re so sweet together. Also, Charlie and Jacob played their roles really good i think. And then, the panorama, the mountain, lake and snowy snowy condition really pretty. πŸ™‚ And don’t forget about the soundtrack.Β  Muse: Neutron Star Collision!! [GREATNESS]Β  And one more think: The cullens always looks good and pretty and soo cool when they pose together, like when they posed in the woods waiting for victoria to appear. Wow!! Soo.. cool.. πŸ™‚

So, if we wants to conclude this movie : I would say this movie has too much drama.. [again], not enough action, bad make-up, good panorama and great body of team Jacob, a weak villain [Victoria,Riley and the new born], the unimportant volturi.. [what’re you doing in this movie?? you did nothing important!! Just go away..if you want to involve in this movie, do something good please.. 😦 and of course the mesmerizing “Cullens..”

Enough about Eclipse.. I, personally really hope the director, whoever she or he is, could make the saga’s finale :Breaking Dawn much better than this.. πŸ™‚Β  i Hope so..


nighty night.. with love..

Molly joo