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One Pound Gospel : a review

23 Jul

One Pound Gospel

I’ve finished watching Japan’s dorama One Pound Gospel last thursday.. Now, i would like to write a review about it..

For a start, i would like to introduce the main character played this drama. The story is about this 2 people which are:

1. Kamenashi Kazuya as Hatanaka Kosaku

Kamenashi kazuya as Hatanaka Kousaku

2. Kuroki Meisa as Sister Angela

Kuroki Meisa as Sister Angela

The story itself revolved around a boxer’s life : Hatanaka Kousaku who’s really like to eat so he has a difficulty to make his weight stay in its weight class. He has so much trouble to maintain his weight and its makes him have to work so hard before every matches, so he could pass the weight-in and continue with the match. And then, there is Sister Angela, whom Kousaku accidentally met when he was in despair trying to lose his weight. The sister gave him the spirit to fight and tell him not to give up. Since that incident, Kousaku fell in love with the sister, and trying as hard as he could to attract the sister, and try to become the boxing champion so he could make the sister happy.. ^__^ Yup, that’s the synopsis about the story.

The drama itself consist of 9 episodes. It has a good script and the actors and actresses who involved in this drama really good in their act part. I really like Kame’s act in this drama. He played as a cheerful, full of spirit, kind, hard worker, and also a late thinker i think, so he’s so easily to get tricked by their friends.. hehe. πŸ™‚ He played his role so good, and that makes me like him in this dorama. And also, his hair cut in this movie was really good, that make his perfomances even better. πŸ™‚

For sister angela. Wow, she’s a really pretty girl i think when she was not a nun anymore. No offence kousaku fell in love with her. πŸ™‚ For her act, i think she’s also give her best performance in this dorama. Her face expression when she face Kousaku strange act was really cute!! ^_^. And i think, she’s actually started to like kousaku also in the start of this movie. πŸ™‚

Overall for it’s:

Story –> 8 of 10

Artist –> 10 of 10 ;p

Acting –> 8 of 10

Make Up and Hair Cut –> 10 of 10

Setting –> 7 of 10

Hohhoho.. that’s my personal score for this drama.. πŸ™‚ if you want to watch it online, you can watch it in Drama crazy.net.

Please watch and enjoy… Oh and one more think, this drama soundtrack is Lips by KAT-TUN. If you would like to download it, just download in this link.

So.. enjoy it everyone..

Love, Molly joo… ^__^

2 days of You’re Beautiful and Jang Geun Suk

13 Jul

To tell you the truth, i haven’t do all those things i’ve wrote before about 5 things i have to do this week. yup. my bad. And also, because of my sister distraction. hehe. Yup., my sister asked me to watch korean drama You’re beautiful with her. Because:

1. She wants me to know that this drama really funny and silly and crazy [she said exactly like that to me]

2. She wants me to know who is jang geus suk. hoa. [okay..okay.. even though i think it’s a little bit not important.

After all, i’ve watched it already.. untill finish! This drama consist of 16 episodes. With 4 main characters played by: Park Shin hye, jang geun suk, jung yong hwa and lee hong ki.

Because i spent the last 30 hours watched this drama till the end. I think i suppose to write a review about it. Hehe.

First of all, from the original of the story view:

1. Girl masquarade her self as a boy to protect their belove one. Hmm, not an original idea. A lot of hollywood, another korea and japan drama have this kind of story.

2. As a boy join become a superstar. i’ve never heard it before. i’ve heard and watch a girl try to be a boy so he can join the football club, but to become an artis, i’ve never heard it. so, quite original i think.

3. The girl a little bit ‘dreamer ‘, a nun to be, can sing, full of happiness, but fall in easily with a ‘hard’ man. this story looks like the sound of music. A lot like it i think.

Over all, from the story:

At the beginning, my sister story seems to be true. Its really funny and silly and crazy. And the acting of the actors is really good. In the beginning they have a strong story that can make the audience really happy and amuse by it.

But, in the middle of the story, when there is an antagonist actress, who really hate the main character actres because of Β the boy she likes fall for the main character, the story become a little bit cheezy. It’s so last year. And when the main girl get bullied and can’t fight back. Ohh, i really hate it. Β non sense. why can’t you make a strong main character. If the main character can fight back even though she bullied a lot, i’ll respect it.

And there was a boy who secretly in love with the main character girl. And can’t even say a word to the girl untill it’s late. the girl has fall in love with another boy. Hoaaa… Sooooo cheezy./.. yaiks.

And one more thing. The main character, played by park shin hye, really cried a lot. It’s really bothers me. Why she have to cry?? hooi.. Just fight back please, no crying. Nothing changes if you’re crying, beside your eyes will look horrible in the next hour after you cry. hmmph.

In the end, it’s a happy ending. yayaya.. whatever.

The best thing about this film is the soundtrack. I will specially review about the soundtrack another day. And also, because of the producer can choose the righ actors and actresses. What i mean with the ‘right’ actors are:

1. They’re really really good looking.. All of them.

2. They sure can act and sing

If this drama didn’t have good soundtrack and actors then this drama is no good. Hehe.

So, enough for today. I’ll review about the song tomorrow. Maybe.. :p

love you all..