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When will you two graduate?

7 Jul

Maybe, once you read the title of this post, you’ll think that question was my parents who asked me and someone, when will we  graduate and get that bachelor degree of science, because they already hopeless with our future.. hohoho.. That’s not it.

The truth is, that question came from my supervisor in the company i’m doing my internship right now. Yup.. yup..yup. ^_^. My Internship will be over in the next 2 days, and my supervisor asked us: “Hey, when will you two graduate? It’s next year right?” and then she told us that she hopes we will be doing our internship in this company for a longer time. She said we’ve helped them a lot..  And told us, to contact her as soon as we already graduate next year. She said, that she’s looking someone like us to work with her and help her in her division. To make sure that she won’t lose our contacts, she asked us to get each other email address. 🙂 How grateful i am when i listened that my work being appreciated by other people. Whoaa..

Today, even though it’s just 1 paragraph of sentences from my supervisor, and although i don’t know what will happen after i graduate next year, i just feel really appreciated by others. And it feels great..

Today’s message: Appreciate others work will give them a great feeling, like i feel right now.. 🙂

NB: My english really bad today.. I will edit it next time..

🙂 with love, mollyjoo