when my notebook collapsed..

24 Apr

i went home from easter celebration at 23.00, 23 April 2010. First thing that accrosed my mind was to finish the pharmacokinetic calculation of Urine kinetic. fiuh. I have no problem to do those assignment in the middle of the night, in fact,  i was a little bit excited to finish those calculation. Hehe.. [freak..:p]. But, what else could be even worse than a collapsed notebook to celebrate this situation??

Yup, that’s right. When i was trying to turn on my note book, at first it looked fine. The same colour, the same symbol of acer. And then, the nightmare began.. The cursor appear, but the background, the light blue colour who supposed to welcome me brightly, didn’t show at all. Just a black, with a little white cursor monitor. And, the blood of my body, instantly accelerates it flows, because of my heart rate that also increased. And the adrenalin released into the blood stream, to face the fight and flight situation like these. Loh? [freak times 2.. ^.^] sorry. The point is, I WAS REALLY PANIC! nothing like this ever happened to my dear lepitop [notebook i mean] before.. huhu. How can i finish those task with a blank monitor?

And then, my little sister, Indri, knocked on my door, in the middle of the night. For what? Borrow the internet.. Hehe. The times couldn’t be even better. So, yup, she used the internet for about 1 hour, while i watched friends TV series, and after that, i borrowed her notebook to finish those calculation. Huhu, because my notebook colapsed, i have to finish the calculation in the middle of the night. Ouch. And it was finished at 4.30 in the morning. Practically, i didn’t sleep two days ago and my eyes looked really2 bad today. And i hate those facts!now, in the same situation, because my lovely lepitop still in the critical condition, i can’t do anything beside praying that the data on those harddisk can be saved.

Please, dear harddisk of my lepitop[eh, leptop mksudnya]. Just try harder to save your self.. Don’t die now, at least let me save ur data, so ur death wouldn’t be so worthless. We had the good time this 3 years.. just 1 more year untill i graduate.. Pray for u and the mas2 on BEC who’s trying to save ur self right now.. hiks.. -__-”

Dear God, thx for today and every bless that You gave to me.. 🙂 Please bless the man who’s trying to repair the HD of my laptop, so that it could be health again.. yey.. 🙂 thx God. morning.. ^.^

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