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In the middle of 2 choices.. Pharmacokinetic or Immunology

22 Apr

One thing that continously acrossed my mind in this whole week. Where will i do my final project in order to get those prestigious title : Bachelor of Science. Hmm, yummy. 🙂 [and still, why am i comparing the title with food? hehe. my bad. ^.^]

Personally, on my mind, since my second year in this lovely School of Pharmacy, i’ve fallen in love with human anatomy and physiology. Because of that, i finally decided that, 2 years from now, i will have my final project on Pharmacology Division. After i made up my mind like that, in the next-next semesters,  i was continously choosed many subject that related to physiology to my credits. Such as: Pathophysiology, Sport Physiology, and then Clinical toxicology, and now nutrition therapy and the best of all Biomedic Product. As the time goes bye [halah.. :p], i think that in that whole pharmacology division, i’m spesifically really-really love the immunology part. So, i also decided, my final project will be something related with immunology.

And now… One year after that, in this semester. I have the Pharmacokinetic syndrome. Yup, for the first time in my life i’ve got this lecture about pharmacokinetic analysis. With Ms. Lucy, Mr.Diky, and Mr.Sukma as the lecturer of these subject that worth 3 credits. Wow. Rumor has it, that this subject is really hard to understand, and the test will be very hard and there were a lot of students that got an awful/poor points for this subject. Me, personally also afraid in the first place with this subject. But you know what, as the time going, i realize that i love this subject very very much! Especially when Ms. Lucy gave the lecture. Even though she really really fast when she taught us, but i like it. Really. 🙂 And, thx for the Lord God in Heaven, that my mid test score was good. From that point, i’ve become more and more interested to do my final project in this subject, Pharmacokinetic. But, how about the pharmacology and the immunology? What will happened with that?

Maybe i’m good at pharmacokinetic, but honestly, if they asked me about something that related with pharmaceutic but nit pharmacokinetic, i think i couldn’t answer that correctly. For example: if you asked me abou micromeretics or dispersion, suspension, or whatever is that. I don’t know if could answer to that question. But, in the other hand, i think i have more knowledge in pharmacology division. I can related the link between the physiology of the body itself with the drugs maybe, or the mechanism that happen in the body. So, i think i’m stronger in pharmacology. But Dear God, please-please, can i have those both in my final project. I love them both. Really… humph. 😦 what shoul i do?

Pharmacokinetic or Immunology? Can i have those both on my final project? Who will be my supervisor or lecturer? Is there anyone out there who i can asked about this problem and give me the solution for this? 🙂 🙂

Hope, i got my answer in the end of this week. Dear God, hear my prayer.. 🙂